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9 : Coaching Pet Peeves - Part 2

Pet Peeves: Round Two! We had so much fun discussing pet peeves that we needed a second episode! Find out how parents, coaches, and umpires make our skin crawl. Let us know some of your biggest pet peeves. Leave a comment on our social. #FundamentalFastpitch #TheHuddle #PetPeeves #Parents #Coaches #Umpires

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Unknown member
Apr 04, 2023

I LOVE learning from this podcast! As a non-softball player who is roped into helping coach Little League, I am always looking to learn more about the game, perspectives, and ways to improve. Adding to coaching pet peeves- players who are clearly influenced by the way they hear parents talk at home or on the car rides. It is disheartening to hear the parent complaints echoed in the kids, in addition to other parents telling you they are fed up with parent negativity in the stands. Parents need to realize they influence more than they think they do, and how they talk about other players, parents, and coaches can make a difference.

Unknown member
Apr 05, 2023
Replying to

Good one! It's easy to forget that kids listen to everything. As disappointing as it is, we parents forget to filter our adult conversations - or maybe we don't realize that those conversations are "adult." Either way, the words we say make a huge impact on our kids.

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