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the podcast

Starring Jessica Tanner and Heather Maloney

Directed by Mike Brouillette

Join us every Monday and Thursday morning at 7:00am CT for the softball conversations and situations that everyone is experiencing but nobody is talking about. We're three great friends that love the game, enjoy coaching and watching our kids play, and want to help as many players, parents, and coaches better understand the details behind the game of softball, how to support their athlete, and how to navigate the mental game and succeed in a sport where failure three times out of ten is considered exceptional. 

Full Disclaimer: We are by no means professionals and everything on our show is opinion-based. 

Meet The Team

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Jessica Tanner


Heather Maloney


Mike Brouillette

Topics We Talk About

softball school

Although we have a habit of referring to these conversations as "softball 101", these topics range from discussions around skills and drills to rules and strategy for beginners to advanced athletes.

EXAMPLES: The Infield Fly Rule, The Importance of Playing Catch, Bunting, How to Run the Bases

the dugout

The goal of these conversations is to help meet players where they're at and what they may be struggling with, both on and off the field. Parent approved and specifically targeted for athletes of all ages

EXAMPLES: Yes-Yes-No Mentality, Control the Controllables, How to Be A Good Teammate

the huddle

Typically airing on Mondays after a weekend at the fields, these topics aim to provide a more in-depth discussion around managing expectations and conversations for parents and coaches to make playing softball the best experience possible for their athletes.

EXAMPLES: League vs. Select, How to Watch Softball, Coach and Parent Communication

tough talks

Not that we don't love all things softball, but these are the conversations we are most passionate about - the tough stuff. We've been through it ourselves as athletes, we're navigating these conversations with our kids right now, and we're hoping to share both our success and shortcomings on the difficult side of softball and encouraging a young athlete.  

EXAMPLES: The Car Ride Home, The Coach's Kid, I Want to Quit Softball

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